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The Paratto Team - Dedicated to helping you find your ...

The Paul Paratto Team is dedicated to helping you find exactly what you're looking for at a price you can afford! Since 1983, the professionals at The Paul Parratto Team have offered superior real estate services to both residential and commercial clients in the Cleveland community. More

Paul Paratto Willoughby, OH REALTOR®

Learn more from Willoughby, OH real estate agent Paul Paratto. More

Paul Paratto - Real Estate Agent in Willoughby, OH ...

There are many factors that make the Paul Paratto Team different than other Agents. One of the biggest, however, is our commitment to working together to serve our customers. All of our departments form one team that is focused on customers needs. ... 5531 Anaconda Ave Mentor, OH 44060. Buyer. 09/08/2020. $142,500 . Report a problem with the ... More

The Paul Paratto Team - Willoughby, OH - Yelp

1 review of The Paul Paratto Team "I had a bad experience with the team of Paul Paratto. The only reason why they don't have zero stars is because of the one nice staff member Shelby. They did almost nothing to sell my home and did not communicate anything to me during the one year contract they roped me into. Over the duration of a year they had only one open house which was not advertised ... More

The Paratto Team | Willoughby, OH

Learn more from Willoughby, OH real estate team The Paratto Team. More

The Paratto Team | Willoughby, OH

There are many factors that make the Paul Paratto Team different than other Real Estate Agents. One of the biggest, however, is our commitment to working together to serve our customers. ... Mentor-On-The-Lake, OH 44060 3. beds. 1. bath. Seller's Agent:Paul Paratto. More

Paul Paratto - Willoughby, OH Real Estate Agent - realtor.com®

Find real estate agent & Realtor® Paul Paratto in Willoughby, OH, on Realtor.com®, your source for top rated real estate professionals More

Paul Paratto | Willoughby, OH REALTOR® | The Howard Hanna ...

Contact the Paratto Team for all of your real estate needs in Northeast Ohio. ... Toggle navigation Paul Paratto Team. My Listings; My Sales; My Reviews; Neighborhood News; Paul Paratto Team ... Please call me at: 440-516-4444 or email me at becky_sackett@yahoo.com Member of the Mentor Harbor Yacht Club . Lynn Pappalardo. Buyer Specialist ... More

The Paratto Team | Willoughby, OH

The Paratto Team (440) 516-4444 (440) 953-5697 Ext: 163 More

Mentor - The Paratto Team

Mentor . Mentor offers a diverse mix of housing — from upscale, contemporary to charming, century homes in the Old Village District. From the planned developments of Sausalito, French Hollow and Pinegate, to apartments and condominiums. The majority of homes are single family detached and owner-occupied. The median home value is $194,660. More

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